Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tau Hway Break!

Look how Daryl's face lit up when he knew we were going to have a break and some food!

Jia Hui is really enjoying her Tau Hway and Egg Tarts! Doesn't looking at how she eats make you want a bite of it too?

On the way to Jalan Ampas, we stopped by the Rochor Beancurd House for a well-deserved Tau Hway break after all the walking! Even during our break, we were learning the heritage of this famous Rochor Tau Hway.

The founder of the Rochor Beancurd house came from a very poor family and as such, could not afford education but had to start earning a living at a very young age. However, he was a very sharp kid and came up with the idea of a mobile Tau Hway stall. He started off selling his Tau Kway on a cart and would often put his younger siblings on it to help look after them while selling his beancurd. Soon, his Tau Hway became very famous and even up till today, Rochor Beancurd house remains a familiar name to almost every Singaporean.

However, you might also want to note that there are many different 'Rochor Tau Hway' around and not all may be the authentic. Our best advice? Let your tongue do the tasting and the distinguishing!

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