Sunday, February 20, 2011

#12 Lam Yeo Coffee Powder, 328 Balestier Road

Take a look at the signboard of Lam Yeo Coffee Powder and one will definitely be reminded of the 1960s! Lam Yeo Coffee Powder (南洋咖啡粉制造厂)is probably one of the oldest shop selling coffee powder in modern Singapore. It first started out business in 1959 and since then, has insisted on brewing coffee powder which caters to the "Singaporean taste". It is a well-known supplier of traditional coffee powder, supplying to restaurant and coffee shops across the country.

Although the shop appeared to look old and laid back, it brings back a great sense of nostalgia to every regular customer. They utilize traditional methods to grind coffee beans into coffee powder. Many see such shops, albeit dwindling in numbers, as gatekeepers of the old tradition. Many of the coffee powder factories are now equipped with new technologies to assist in the coffee powder making process. It is difficult to find a coffee powder factory in Singapore like this anymore.

Lam Yeo Coffee Powder is undoubtly a classic representation of Balestier's diverse and rich culture and heritage.

A newspaper article featuring Lam Yeo Coffee Powder.

Different types of coffee powders for sale at the shop. Each type coffee powder catered to the varying taste of different people.

Contributed by: Sebastian Thng

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