Sunday, February 20, 2011

#11 Former Shaw's Malay Film Studies, 8 Jalan Ampas

yea. so this is the Jalan Ampas we have heard so much about last semester.
what was once a studio producing countless films has now become some dingy old buildings.
walking past, many would not have known the significance of it some 70 odd years ago.
the likes of P. Ramlee, a famous actor and director once graced its doors.

After the war, film production had picked up not only all over Asia but also in Singapore where both Chinese and Malay films were made. In 1947, 'Seruan Medeka', an effort by Film Melayu Art Productions, proved to be mildly successful. This prompted the Shaws to reopen their pre-war studio at No.8, Jalan Ampas to produce Malay movies. Under the banner of 'Malay Film Production Limited' (MFP), the Shaws aimed to dominate the Malay film market with quality productions. This move ushered in the period known as 'The Golden Age of Malay Cinema' during which over 300 films were produced. (Taken from Shaw Brother's website)


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